Vietnam Tours


Vietnam is a wonderfully scenic country, still unexplored by the majority of the world.

While you are here it would be remiss of you not to see something of the country, if you

can bear to leave your hotel room that is!Wink

 We can help you plan your trip, advise you on the best places to see, even create an itiniery

should you desire. Having all lived here for a while now we are in a great position to help plan

any trips you want to go on including these local day trips and activities. 

  • Island cruise
  • Booze Cruise
  • Snorkelling
  • Waterfalls  
  • Water park
  • Kite Surfing
  • Scuba Diving
  • Mountain Bike Tours
  • Vietnamese Cooking Classes
  • waterfalls-small

    Or how about an Easy Rider 3 day trip to the Mountains on a motorcycle (quite safe)

    Perhaps a 4 week jaunt around Vietnam by plane, train or bus takes your fancy?

    Just ask us, we will make sure you get the best deals going, including accommodation bookings.



    Vietnam Tours